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I Like to Move It (move it)

You're welcome. You now have that song from Madagascar in your head. I do too.

Templates are my go-to scrapping tool, mostly because of time. And then there is that little detail that others are so much more talented and creative than I am. The designers we feature here at The Daily Digi always knock my socks off and blow the cobwebs off my scrapping mojo.

In the September Digi Files, Fiddle Dee Designs had some great templates. I decided to open one up and get some scrapping done. I chose a template, a kit, a few photos, and just tried not to overthink it. I knew little people would be waking up soon and I had to scrap while I had the chance. I used a beautiful kit by Zoe Pearn and Erica Zane (a moment of silence for Zoe retiring from designing digital products...), called Bare Feet & Blue Jeans.

Once I had my template open and put a few papers on, I realized that the template wasn't exactly what I needed. I had a horizontal photo I wanted to use and the main journaling spot was for a vertical photo. Now, if I had looked more closely at the template pack, I would have seen that there was in face another template almost exactly the same, other than the horizontal photo. Oops. Oh well...thankfully, changing up templates to make them work for me is easy.

First, I selected all my layers (select > all) and then I deselected the few I didn't want to move (the three large papers).

With my layers selected, I moved everything over. I then resized and reoriented my photo spot.

Then, I got scrapping. The kit was perfect for my even had a doily to put where the doily spots are! I grabbed a few photos, pulled my favorite bits from the kit, added a second journaling spot, and fifteen minutes later I was done. Scrapping win!

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